Friday, March 03, 2006

Ever Wonder Why You Are Here?

Here, in the big sense? Alive? It is one of the big mysteries...

Here is a great exercise that narrows down the mystery...though I don't think you can ever really solve it.

Instead of asking why you are here (in the Universe), ask why you are here...in this room (or wherever you are). Once you have an answer (and I hope to All Gods it was instantaneous) then ask why to that answer...keep going, asking why to each answer until one of your answers does not make sense. It will come up, believe me. Not that there isn't justification (that you can at least make up) but keep going until something stands out. You may want to note it down somewhere. Because whatever it was that doesn't really make sense had an added factor, something you may want to get in touch with, and may hold all or part of the answer to That Other Big Question.

Over months, you may want to try this exercise again, looking more deeply into the past, or look into other arenas and see if there is a theme that also stands out. You may find a central theme worth pursuing. Or you may decide you don't really want to know.


Blogger X. Dell said...

Interesting. Not only do I find myself assessing my place in this room (the middle of the local library), but my current presence in cyberspace, a place where there's no there, there.

11:17 AM  

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