Thursday, March 02, 2006

Feral Children

This is an extremely comprehensive site devoted to people who were brought up by or lived with animals in the wild or kept confined by parents. This poor kid was raised by chimpanzees:
"Bello, the Nigerian Chimp Boy was found in 1996, at the age of about two. Both mentally and physically disabled, he had probably been abandoned by his parents at the age of about six months, a common practice with disabled children among the Fulani, a nomadic people who range great distances over the west African Sahel region.
Bello was found with a chimpanzee family in the Falgore forest, 150 km south of Kano in northern Nigeria. When the story reached the news agencies some six years later in 2002, Bello had been living at the Tudun Maliki Torrey home in Kano.
When first discovered, Bello walked like a chimpanzee, using his legs but dragging his arms on the ground. He would leap about at night in the dormitory, disturbing the other children, smashing and throwing things. Six years later Bello was much calmer, but would still leap around in a chimpanzee-like fashion, make chimpanzee-like noises, and clap his cupped hands over his head repeatedly. "

Pics of some feral people are included as well.


Blogger Suki said...

Seeing as my parents weren't around a lot, I spent most of my time with the family pets. Fortunately, they were civil, and I didn't suffer the trauma those feral kids did.

I was, however, endowed with this superhearing power from these nonferal pets (which, Drongo, you may test at your leisure). You can open any beverage from the fridge, and I can tell you if it's milk, juice or diet soda or regular soda from the next room over. This has already been tested. There are witnesses.

1:21 PM  

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