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Process Church of the Final Judgment

These characters have been linked to everyone from Scientologists to Charles Manson and Son of Sam.
Here's a short article about them.
More here.
Here's an article from charliemanson.com

"Fear is at the root of man’s destruction of himself. Without fear there is no blame. Without blame there is no conflict. Without conflict there is no destruction. But there is fear: deep within the core of every human being it lurks like a monster, dark and intangible. Its outward effects are unmistakable. Its source is hidden."
Quote from the Process Church article "On Fear "


Blogger X. Dell said...

Bugliosi figured, as do I, that Manson didn't actually belong to The Process proper, but rather to The Process offshoot run by Georgina Brayton.

Manson claimed to be Robert Moore, but couldn't identify the alias Robert DeGrimston. Since he lacked that and other basic knowledge of The Process, it seems doubtful that he was.

But he was definitly in contact with Brayton. "The Spiral Staircase" refers to the most notable feature of the house on Topanga Canyon road headed by Brayton and her groups.

A lot of musicians and movie stars hung out there, allegedly. Dennis Wilson is said to have hung out there. Love, the blues rock band that influenced The Doors, were there as well.

One of Love's former guitarists, Bobby Beusoleil (sp?), was convicted in one of the Helter Skelter murders, and is currently serving a life sentence.

The week before the Tate-LaBianca murders, Brayton and several others of her compound were arrested for chaining a six-year-old child to a filthy cell and torturing him.

The 'Helter-Skelter' scenario approximates a similar tenet of Brayton's offshoot: namely that aggression falsely identified with African Americans could excalate and provide a rationale for the extermination of blacks.

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