Saturday, May 20, 2006

Biblioscopes Advice for All Sun Signs 5/20-26

Biblioscopes are the union of bibliomancy, divination through opening books to random pages and pondering the meaning of the phrases therein, and horoscopes, in that each sign does share certain commonalities, including planetary transits. Each Saturday I ask the Universe to lead my hands in opening the book to the right page for a week's worth of good advice for each sun sign.
This week's featured book is "The System:How to Get Laid TODAY" by Roy Valentine. To connoisseurs of "how to pick up gals" books, this is not the Bible but the DaVinci Code written flat out in 12pt. type on 4x7 paper, with softcore illos.

Aries (March 21 - April 20)
The more you try, the more you're convinced yov've just wasted your night with that "bitch." I hate to say it, but it's your own fault.
He's right. It is your own fault. Putting your own wants before the needs of others will only lead to anger and failure.
Taurus (April 21- May 20)
If still nothing, then I move on. If I do get a hit, though, it's time to play the game.
A certain part of life is luck. Another part, a numbers game. Opportunity will knock twice, but do you really want to wait?

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
She's too hot. She could never want me.
As the sun goes into your sign, Gemini, it is reminding you that you are good enough, smart enough, and darnit, people like you!

Cancer (June 21-July 20)
Control your mind and realize that girls love sex as much as men. That doesn't make her a whore--it makes her human.
Your prejudice of others is controlling your fate. Try, as best you can, to open your mind. If there are contentions between you and someone who is different from you right now, you may want to read an autobiography written by someone else of that background or gender to understand them better.

Leo (July 21-Aug. 20)
My cock isn't big enough.
The secret is out, Leo! Actually, when I see you fluff your mane for the hundredth time, I know that is what you are really feeling. But it's not true. Okay, well it may be true. But a lion with a small penis is still a lion. No need to overdo it.

Virgo (Aug. 21-Sept. 20)
You will start noticing girls who are hot for you based on eye contact and you will pass them up.
Discrimination is the better part of valor, but the question is, is it the better part of fun? Make sure you have some fun this week.

Libra (Sept. 21-Oct. 20)
Well, this is so simple that when I first tell it to guys they refuse to believe me until they try it.
When you explain the obvious this week, make sure you have your PowerPoint ready, or you will look dumb or end up frustrated or both.

Scorpio (Oct. 21-Nov. 20)
In fact, in most cases I know that I'll be able to take home the girl and have sex with her even before I speak to her.
The only reason the above statement is true is that the girl has already made her decision first, either consciously or unconsciously. You will make an important, unspoken connection this week.

Sagittarius (Nov. 21-Dec.20)
You may have danced with a girl in the past and closed the deal, but dancing wih countless others brought no success.
Being goal-oriented this week will only suck the joy out of the moment. Forget the future, and notice the good times you are having now.

Capricorn (Dec. 21-Jan. 20)
They have the ability, at will, to mentally condition themselves for success; identify an opportunity for the perfect shot; and they have the skill required to execute the perfect shot.
These are called professionals. Take one step forward this week by learning a little more about one of the above.

Aquarius (Jan. 21-Feb 20)
Often when you meet a girl on the street, in the supermarket, at the department store, etc., she lives only a few blocks away and was probably on her way home anyway.
You will find opportunity for the extraordinary in the ordinary, if you are helpful, friendly, and keep your eyes open.

Pisces (Feb.21-Mar. 20)
The problem is, many women feel cheap if you say something like, 'Hey, let's go back to my place and have sex."
In Japan, women speak an entirely different dialect than men. It's true in English, too, only not so overt. Pisces women: if a man doesn't understand you, just take all the sensitivity out, and poetry out, and say what needs to be said, in sentences of four words or less. Pisces men, if a woman is upset with you, or doesn't understand you, get your ass to Hallmark, and buy a card.

Notes: A complete review of "The System" can be found on my love and sex blog, http://love-suki.blogspot.com.

*The dates given to each sun sign are approximate--the dates of each sun sign change annually with the date of the vernal equinox. If you were born between the 18th and 24th of any month, you should get a free astrology report from www.astrology.com or www.geocosmic.org just so you can answer properly when someone asks, "What's your sign?"

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Friday, May 19, 2006

Vampires on the Net

According to the research and interviews in this book, Something in the Blood: The Underground World of Today's Vampires, blood drinkers are everywhere. While not all consider themselves vampires, they share a compulsion to drink blood, preferably human, though a few in the book would make do with animal if necessary.

Still, quite a few of these people believe they are vampires. While they scoff at Hollywood's interpretation of the modern vampire, they do enjoy the movies and books, especially the Lestat books from Anne Rice . What they don't want is to have people harbor negative views of them because of the movies and books.

Not all of the vampires in this book drink blood. Some consider themselves psychic vampires who feed on energy instead of the red.

Something in the Blood helps to dispel a few myths:
No, they don't have a problem with garlic.
No, they don't burn up in daylight.
No, they don't fly.
That bat thing... uh, no.
No, they do not harm people.
They only drink from willing donors.
No, they don't have the power to turn to mist or read your mind, but a few claim they have the power to "see" things or remember past lives.

Since the book is ten years old, I decided to look up some of the organizations and people mentioned-- see if any were still involved in the lifestyle:

The first is actually an international church for vampires. The opening flash is a fun, Gods-among-you type thing. If you want to be a lifetime member of the church you have to be willing to cough up 20 to 45 dollars for their bible. There is also a temple ring or a silver medallion available for purchase. My favorite part of the website is at the bottom in small print. Says, discriminate with care. Temple of the Vampire Like most of the other sites for vampires, they have a nifty FAQ section.

Vlad of the band, The Dark Theater, is one of the non-vampire blood drinkers. He says the "reincarnated from the original Vlad" is a publicity thing -- that he's actually reincarnated from one of Vlad's henchmen. I found him at myspace. www.myspace.com/tdt3

The Vampirism Research Institute and its founder, Liriel McMahon, did have a site on the internet but her institute is now closed. There are a few articles left here. VRI Office Or, you can follow her to her new project, Badblood Comics, BadBloodComic.com

There was a chapter about The Dark Rose Journal, an erotic underground zine that was popular in the nineties. I didn't find it on the web, but I did find its address buried in this huge list of vampire underground publications and clubs. Vampire/goth/fetish etc... Address List

I went on to search for other internet sites about real vampires today and found too many to list. After poking around in some, I discovered several interesting things in common. The majority believe only sick people take blood from unwilling donors. There are a lot of places to chat or meet up with other vampires and quite often, the desire to be a vampire stems from angst-ridden teenagers with a severe sense of isolation. They don't fit in, yet they have no desire to be one of the "mundanes."

I came across this term often -- have come across it in other groups as well. (I heard it a lot while researching hackers for a book.) While the definition of mundane is not particularly offensive, the use of the word in this context can't help but carry some derision. There is an explanation here. SphynxCatVP - FAQ - (SphynxCatVP) Why We Use The Term "Mundane" This site also offers support to vampires with advice, articles and ways to get in touch with others. SphynxCatVP's Real Vampires Support Page (v5 modern vampires vampyres psi sang .

Here's another site that offers support. Sanguinarius: IntroductionThe FAQ page has answers for questions such as "Should your donor have the same blood type?" and "How long do you live?" This last question will be a disappointment to most, I'm sure. This site also has terminology and lingo, as well as a section with typical questions about problems-- quite a few teenagers in this area. They have chats scheduled weeknights. I did find Something in the Blood on their recommended reading page under Nonfiction.

An article for vampires or people who are dealing with one"
"There is no "generic advice" to give those who believe they may be dealing with a real vampire. Those who are so inclined might try to help a friend or fellow group member explore their inner nature and come to terms with their destructive behaviors. Those who feel victimized can choose to end the relationship. Each case is different, and can only be judged by the individuals concerned. But it is important for anyone involved in magickal or psychic work to understand that vampires are a real phenomenon, and that, like all perils, they should not be greeted with fear or anger. Nothing is evil by nature -- only by choice. Terror of discovery (followed by ridicule or rejection) inhibits the self-development of many real vampires. When they reach out for friendship, they are often reaching out for help." From Real Vampires

Vampire origins offers information on ethymology, mythology as well as explanations of the different types of vampires. It also lists strengths, weaknesses, how to recognize one, etc.

This one offers info on feeding, origins and it has an essay on the Nature of the True Vampire. CRIMSON VISION: REAL VAMPIRE WEBPAGE & WEBLOG

For vampires in the GLBT community -- Queer Vampires

There may be an association for vampires in a city near you. Here's one in New Jersey... New Jersey Association of Real Vampires

And of course, what piece on vampirism would be complete without mention of the original Vlad Tepes, the man believed to be immortalized forever in Bram Stoker's gothic novel, Dracula Amazon.com: Dracula (Signet Classics (Paperback)): Books: Bram Stoker ? A fervently religious ruler with a love for torture, his reign was bloody in the extreme. For more: VLAD TEPES - The Historical Dracula This page has an area devoted to the reason why people still belive that Stoker used Vlad Tepes as inspiration.

Do your own search. There's an interesting, underground world of vampires out there. It's just possible you sit next to one at work every day.

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How Third Reich Can You Get?

Iran's parliament this week makes law ordering that non-Muslims begin wearing identifying badges on their clothing--Iran's roughly 25,000 Jews would have to sew a yellow strip of cloth on the front of their clothes, while Christians would wear red badges and Zoroastrians would be forced to wear blue cloth. Article is here. A really bone-headed move by Iranians or another psy-op by the West to make Westerners hate them and not so much mind a nuke strike?

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"Space Cadet" Actor Dies at 85

From the New York Times (the last line of this is classic):
Frankie Thomas, 85, Actor in 50's TV, Is Dead
By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Published: May 18, 2006
LOS ANGELES, May 17 (AP) — Frankie Thomas, who starred in the 1950's children's television show "Tom Corbett, Space Cadet," died here on Thursday. He was 85.
The cause was respiratory failure, said his stepdaughter, Julie Alexander.
Mr. Thomas began acting on Broadway in the early 1930's and soon went to Hollywood, where he appeared in films including "A Dog of Flanders," "Boys Town" and "The Major and the Minor," as well as four Nancy Drew movies.
In 1950 he beat out actors including Jack Lemmon to win the title role of Tom Corbett, a Space Academy cadet in training to become a member of the elite Solar Guard, 400 years in the future.
"Frankie looked like the all-American boy," said Jan Merlin, who played the wisecracking cadet Roger Manning on the show. "Everyone in the room knew immediately this was the guy we were going to get."
The show was broadcast on CBS, ABC, NBC and the DuMont network.
Mr. Thomas quit acting when the series ended in 1955 and over the years worked as a television and radio writer, bridge instructor and author of mystery novels, including "Sherlock Holmes and the Masquerade Murders."
He is survived by his stepdaughter and a stepson, James Aicholtz. At his request, Mr. Thomas was buried Tuesday in his "Tom Corbett, Space Cadet" costume.

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Hollywood and Illuminati Team Up on "Da Vinci Code"

From the article:
"Illuminati code buster Jack Fermanian is burning the mystical midnight oil these days, trying to make sense out of the secret cult's numbering system, adding the Da Vinci Code provides another interesting clue. Fermanian, who spends endless hours trying to make sense out of the Illuminati numbering code, said the DaVinci Code movie strangely opens today on the exact day of the new Illuminati 33 day cycle, acting as a reminding of the devilish intent behind the cult trying to take over the world."

Rest of the article is here.

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

That Left-Handed Number

XXIII is a website devoted to exposing the treachery of this most sinister prime number. Some examples:

* It takes 23 seconds for blood to circulate through the human body

* Julius Ceasar was stabbed 23 times by the assasans.

* X-Files: 10.13 productions.10 + 13 = 23

* "Scottish Rite Freemasonry" has 23 letters.

* A technological singularity has been predicted by "experts" in the near future. It is expected around 2030 AD.

* Geosynchronous orbit occurs at 23,000 miles above Earth's surface.

* Psychic Edgar Cayce started having visions of lost Atlantis in 1923.

* Hitler joined a secret society in 1923.

* Avagadro's number as used in the ideal gas law is 6.02 * 10^23

* The CIA headquarters in McLean, VA is located on rt. 123.

* The tilt of Earth's axis is roughly 23o accounting for the changing seasons and the procession of the Zodiac.

* Homo sapiens are given 46 chromosomes from their parents, 23 male and 23 female.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl

This is a newly released book. From the description on Amazon:
"As his mind opened to new and sometimes threatening experiences, disparate threads and synchronicities made new sense: Humanity, every sign suggested, faces an imminent decision between greater self-potential and environmental ruin. The Mayan "birth date" of 2012 could herald the close of one way of existence and the beginning of another, symbolized by the prophesied return of the Mesoamerican deity Quetzalcoatl, the mysterious "Plumed Serpent" of ancient myth. In just the nick of time, the skeptical modern mind can reclaim the suppressed psychic, intuitive, and mystical dimensions of being, and institute a new planetary culture. But it is only - and by no means assuredly - possible if we confront the environmental catastrophe staring us in the face."

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Pentagon 9/11 Video Is Giant Psy-Op

From the article:
1) The government truly is frightened to death of releasing any images which accurately depict what happened at the Pentagon because it doesn't jive with the official version of 9/11.
2) Or the government knows that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon and has clear footage of the incident, but is deliberately releasing these speculative images in order to stoke the debate so it can later release the high quality video and use it to debunk the entire 9/11 truth movement.
The media obsession with this one facet of an entire smorgasbord of 9/11 questions, and their refusal to address more hardcore 9/11 evidence, leads us to fear the latter explanation is the case.

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Albinos Upset at "The Da Vinci Code"

"Critics cite a long list of albinos cast as heavies by Hollywood: The dreadlocked twins in "The Matrix Reloaded," a powder-haired hit man in the Chevy Chase-Goldie Hawn crime romp "Foul Play," the pasty zombies in "The Omega Man," a sadistic killer in "Cold Mountain," even the wicked executioner in the fairy-tale comedy "The Princess Bride."
"Michael McGowan, an albino who heads the National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation, said "The Da Vinci Code" will be the 68th movie since 1960 to feature an evil albino."
The rest is here.

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Religious Affiliations of World's Most Influential People

Murderous Sect or Just Finding God in Daily Life?

Here's what Opus Dei has to say about themselves (from their home page)
"Opus Dei is a Catholic institution founded by Saint Josemaría Escrivá. Its mission is to spread the message that work and the circumstances of everyday life are occasions for growing closer to God, for serving others, and for improving society."

Thought I'd give them a platform to dispute the big challenge they face this week.

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Mary Alice Doesn't Lay Here, Anymore

After her 1975 arrest, Patricia Hearst had several sessions with Dr. Jolyon West, a key figure involved with MK-ULTRA, the CIA’s mind control program. Later, Dr. West testified openly in her defense. But these initial meetings were secret. What could they have been up to? Was he trying to undo the Symbionese Liberation Army’s brainwashing? Was he brainwashing her into being a good girl for the first time in her life? Or, was he coaching her on how to mimic someone who had just been brainwashed?

In preparation for her trial, the prosecution assigned Dr. Harry Kozol to examine Hearst in order to evaluate her brainwashing claim. But she stormed out of his office just minutes into the session, yelling that he accused her of dirty things. He only asked about her feelings concerning SLA member Willie Wolf. At that point, according to Dr. Kozol, she went ballistic, vehemently denying that she had anything to do with her own kidnapping, and that she was a victim, and how she never wanted to be involved with this in the first place.

Hearst’s best friend, Patricia Tobin, playfully mentioned to Patty the rumors that she helped in the planning of her own abduction, because she thought that her sister would be the intended victim--a teasing that prompted the same severe overreaction that Dr. Kozol witnessed. According to her fiancé, Stephen Weed, when the SLA entered their apartment, she screeched, “It’s not supposed to be me,” or words to that effect.

Why would Hearst plan her sister’s kidnapping? Better yet, why would the Hearst family offer their daughters to be used in such a manner?

First question first. If Hearst planned her sister’s kidnapping, with the full knowledge that she would be subject to rape, it might have been because Patty had already made her own sacrifice to the cause.

“Where?” you ask.

Most likely, at The Vacaville Medical Facility in California.

When Willie Wolf’s father heard that his son had gotten mixed up in a band of paramilitary left-wing yahoos, he couldn’t believe it. So he hired Lake Headley, a top-notch private investigator, to find out what the hell Willie was doing. On May 4, 1974, thirteen days before the younger Wolf’s death at the hands of the LAPD, Headley concluded his investigation, and filed a sworn affidavit of his findings. In the quaint language of legal mumbo jumbo, he found (more like came to the opinion, but that’s legal mumbo jumbo for you) that the SLA was, in fact, an ongoing domestic operation of the CIA. He further found:

"That Patricia Campbell Hearst and her parents disagreed bitterly over Patricia's political and personal relations. That a love affair between a black man and Patricia Hearst did take place prior to her relationship with her fiancé Steven Weed. That Mrs. Randolph A. Hearst subjected her daughter to extreme pressure to change her personal and political relationships."

Patty was eighteen years old when Mary Alice Siem made her trips to Vacaville. Like every other guest, she needed a photo ID to get in and out. So, if you’re wondering what Siem looked like in that photo, imagine Hearst at eighteen and you’ll have an exact match.

(Figure 1. Mary Alice Siem and Thero Wheeler, Prison IDs)

(Figure 2. Patricia Hearst, c. 1973)

(Figure 3. Patricia Hearst, 1974 SLA Publicity Photo)

Hearst has three rather distinct facial features. The first are her eyes. They’re very intense. The most distinctive feature, however, is the nose. If you look at Hearst’s face straight on--doesn’t matter how old she was at the time--you will see that her nose angles noticeably to her right, and has sort of a button tip, almost as if there’s a tiny bump on it. You will also note that her chin points in the opposite direction at about the same angle. These three elements also appear (reversed) in Siem’s photograph. Moreover, the woman looks considerably younger than twenty-three.

Paul Krassner, a freelance reporter who often wrote for The Berkeley Barb discovered that the real Mary Alice Siem dropped out of UC Berkeley during the middle of her sophomore year, and left the bay area in 1972. Hearst, he speculated, “borrowed” Siem’s identity in her absence.

Several years ago, Siem’s prison ID photo was pretty easy to find on the Internet. But as I wrote in a previous post, a lot of information about the SLA has sunk into the memory hole. I’m not saying that it’s impossible to find the above photo anywhere else (I’ll jump up and down with joy if you can). I am saying, however, that I can no longer find it, whereas three years ago it was just a mouse click away.

As to the second question, it’s helpful to remember how things were during the first half of the 1970s. Protests spurred a paranoid President Nixon to order illegal surveillance on political opponents in a series of actions that culminated in the Watergate scandal, and his own disgraceful resignation. Police departments began hiring public relations firms in order to repair their reputations, damaged from years of aggressive action against peaceful protestors. The CIA had gotten caught red-handed illegally tapping the phones of dissident American citizens, and would be called before the Senate, House and the Oval Office in three official investigations. The company was also implicated in Watergate, and former CIA officers Victor Marchetti and Philip Agee had begun to chronicle the Agency’s criminal activities. The death of J. Edgar Hoover in 1972 had allowed a number of Special Agents (most notably William Turner and W.C. Sullivan) to spill the beans on his nearly fifty-year reign of terror.

Simply put, the period between 1972-1974 was a desperate time for many of the elite in government and the private sector. Desperate times entice desperate measures. Perhaps it’s beyond the pale, but for all I know maybe a bunch of mucky-mucks formed a plan to discredit the progressive movement, and drew straws to see who would be the pointman for the attack. Maybe the Hearst family drew the short straw. Although that’s purely speculative, obviously, conservative columnist William F. Buckley cryptically wrote during the middle of the SLA debacle that Patty should be sacrificed “in the name of Christ.”

Enemy of the Republic has pointed out that there is a western cultural mythology of the sacrificed princess that extends back to antiquity--an idea that makes perfect sense were some kind of occult organization a participant in the plan.

In 1974, many speculated that Hearst's conversion to the SLA came about through some kind of sexual seduction, either by Willie Wolf, or the group's leader Donald "Cinque" DeFreeze, especially after Headley's investigation found that Patty had been having some kind of affair with a black man. As Mary Alice Siem, Patty might have visited Cinque's conjugal trailer. Noting the end of Black Abductor, in which the kidnapped victim saves her beloved kidnapper from annihilation, one must also remember that Dr. Gerald Vale refused to identify the black male corpse as DeFreeze. Speculating that Hearst was heartbroken over Cinque's death, Berkeley Barb reporter Paul Krassner penned a number of joke headlines that he didn't have the heart (or guts) to put into print (my favorite: "Patty Frigid after DeFreeze").

Of course, another scenario seems possible. Maybe the black man Hearst visited as Siem was not DeFreeze, but Thero Wheeler, the special forces veteran. Wheeler was romantically linked to Mary Alice Siem, even in prison--the reason many websites used to pair their pictures together. After his escape, many sources, including Marilyn Baker, linked Siem with Wheeler. However, if Hearst actually posed as Siem, then it would appear that her allegience was to him and whatever his assignment might have been. The fact that she completely wrote him out of her 1982 autobiography, despite the numerous eyewitness accounts and the police sketch that finger him as her second kidnapper, certainly raises my eyebrow.

The teenyboppers of the 1960s had already grown up, and the powers that be probably gave up on them, at least temporarily. The purpose of the fiery destruction of the SLA, the Helter Skelter murders, along with the slaughter of Kent State and Jackson State students in broad daylight was to keep the children of the 1970s from developing the same revolutionary fervor adopted by their elder siblings, encouraging them instead to indulge in some of the hedonistic tangents associated with it, namely sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

As Krassner put it, the movers and shakers wanted to send parents a message: “Destroy the seeds of rebellion in your children, or we will have it done for you.”

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

British Skies UFO-Free For Past 30 Years

LONDON (AFP) - None of the numerous UFOs reported over Britain in the last 30 years was a flying saucer, the government said as it released previously secret defence files probing mysterious aerial sightings.

The declassified study -- "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) in the UK Air Defence Region" -- concluded that such UAP do exist and are "usually described as coloured lights and sometimes as shapes".

"Very occasionally they are reported with sound and even with smell," it added.

But it noted that "reports occur because they comprise unfamiliar and unexpected lights, shapes and patterns, in the context in which the observer sees them. The phenomena occur on a daily, worldwide basis".
Rest of article here.

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Biblioscope-free week, because...

1. The book I ordered didn't arrive in time.
2. My mother is coming to visit. She will not understand what I'm doing, and interrupt me with a thousand questions.
3.I will be busy tending to my mother as she deserves, and making sure she doesn't "clean my house" which basically means, "hide all my important stuff so that I can't find it and forget about it" which doesn't mean my house is messy. It's just that I have a few extra bills and stuff lying around. So I remember to pay them.

As a mom myself, I can honestly say: you were a pain in the ass once, but she did the best she could with you. If, for some reason (and there may be several good ones) you can't do something nice for your mom this weekend, do something nice for someone else's--let a pregnant lady have a seat in the subway, help an old lady cross the street. Something!

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

If you see something, DO something!

Think you've seen a terrorist? Or maybe you've just seen someone you want to see again? You don't even have to get close to your target with this GPS tag, ID installer!

See just too many suspicious bags on the subway to bother telling the police every single time? Not sure if the Homeland Security weather is red or orange today? This handy-dandy gizmo handles both functions, all in one!!!

George Orwell was wrong. Big Brother isn't everywhere. It's everyone
Thanks for filling us in, Hellkitten! I can't tell if it's a joke either! Those wacky Danes!!!

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Medical Astrology

Let's all get this straight, shall we? I am a firm believer in doctors, in going to the doctor, in non-optional medicine (all medicine is optional, but I think we can all agree that some is more optional that others) and taking aspirin. But as a kid, my parents did not believe in going to the doctor unless you were almost dying, so I was left on my own to deal with minor physical ailments: sore throats, colds, flus, cuts, burns, mysterious aches and pains. I found holistic healing, because basically, it was the 1970's/80's, there's a thousand books on it, and very little that you can do (and even do clumsily) that will make you any worse off.

What does all of this have to do with astrology?
What we now consider holistic or alternative medicine is actually more ancient than "new age." Back in the day, you wouldn't heal anyone with anything other than herbs, teas, roots, etc.

I'm talking about pre-bleeding days. People still thought about their health then too, seeing as they had long days in the fields to deal with, or castles to storm. Astrology has been around since the Greeks (Asklepius below).
And astrology, a symbolic language, has for almost that long been used to decipher what ails us. Following is a list from wikipedia of astrological sign rulerships on the human body:

* Aries - head, face, brain, eyes
* Taurus - throat, neck, thyroid gland, vocal tract
* Gemini - arms, lungs, shoulders, hands, nervous system
* Cancer - chest, breasts, stomach, alimentary canal
* Leo - heart, chest, spine, spinal column, upper back
* Virgo - digestive system, intestines, spleen, nervous system
* Libra - kidneys, skin, lumbar region, buttocks
* Scorpio - reproductive system, sexual organs, bowels, excretory system
* Sagittarius - hips, thighs, liver, sciatic nerve
* Capricorn - knees, joints, skeletal system
* Aquarius - ankles, calves, circulatory system
* Pisces - feet, toes, lymphatic system, adipose tissue

Now, what in the world are you supposed to do with that??? Well, start with the part of your body that's causing you pain. Today, it's my hands--I burned them twice in one day. Gemini rules the hands. My sun (sun=soul energy) sign is Gemini. Seeing as both burns were caused by carelessness, this is a message that I am not paying attention to what my soul really needs (diversity). If you're a Pisces and your feet hurt, then in life, you have to decide what is out of balance--have you been trying too hard lately, or taking it too easy?

So, armed with this information, one can augment traditional healing (for me, today, salve for my hand) with other practices--for Pisces, a nice nap.

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