Wednesday, February 22, 2006

An X-Files Moment

This morning on my break I took a walk over by the FDR Drive and gazed over at the Downtown Heliport that juts out into the East River. It's where President Bush flys in whenever he has the cojones to visit NYC. I remember one time last year when he hoptered in. There were tons of security about all day, hassling us smokers in the Vietnam Veterans Plaza right there by the heliport. About an hour after he landed in Marine One, I went down to smoke a butt. I noticed these three guys come walking across the Plaza. The lead guy, a short and balding fellow in a suit; the two behind him were crew-cutted, identically sun-glassed and in perfectly creased grey jumpsuits and black combat boots. Each of them had those radio wires in their ears and necks. They walked purposefully, looking straight ahead. The jumpsuits had no insignia of any sort, except for some timy little pin on the left lapels. I was waiting for the suit to whip open a pack of Morleys and the other guys to whip out those alien-killing back-of-the-neck metal styluses. They crossed Water St. and headed north. I wanted to follow them but work beckoned.
Spooky, I say.


Anonymous Franconia said...

Ah, a fond memory:

"Last year, President Bush flew into the heliport right outside my building about half hour ago."

Time travel rocks...

2:30 PM  
Blogger X. Dell said...

I'd be kinda interested to know if -- since you compared the experience to X-Files -- the humorless suits and ties seem more real than the fictional ones now, or vice versa.

7:33 PM  

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