Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The CIA and the Children of Atlantis

“I sometimes don’t know where Company business ends, and Freemasonry begins” is a
statement often attributed to former CIA EO Victor Marchetti. I can’t vouch for the authenticity of the attribution, for I’ve found a lot of Marchetti quotes that didn’t actually come from Marchetti. Nevertheless, you have to wonder why he and co-author John Marks titled their seminal work on espionage The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence.

Despite the fact that many of the spies I have known belonged to the order, I don’t see anything inherently conspiratorial about Freemasonry. But Freemasons? That’s another matter.

Freemasonry undoubtedly supports an atmosphere conducive to secrecy and agency. More important, the Freemason’s goal is “the construction of his own temple,” which an outsider like myself could easily take to mean the development of a personal, or perhaps group spirituality.

An alternate spirituality could come in handy if your personal goals conflict with the tenets of your professed religion--especially if you’re Jewish or Christian. Neither faith would ostensibly condone indifference to others’ rights to life, limb and property. Although not exactly pacifist, Christ would never have put up with wanton bloodlust or greed. Even Wiccans say, “Harm ye none, do what ye will.”

So if you really want to rule the world, it might be in your best interest to embrace a spirituality that justifies the exertion of your will. Alfred Rosenberg, whom Nuremberg prosecutors dubbed “the architect of Nazi ideology,” certainly knew this. His essay “Race and Race History” alludes to the Thule Gessellschaft belief that white, blond space aliens who were somewhat human because they were partly descended from the survivors of Atlantis (Thules), came back to Earth and imparted their “blood” (nowadays, we would say “their DNA”) to the Aryans, thus making them superior to all other inhabitants of our fair planet.

Of course, once you think of yourself as superior, and you begin to see the rest of humanity as so many sentient cockroaches, purification is in order. Okay. Maybe The Final Solution left a bad aftertaste in the mouth of Western civilization (though Western powers have no trouble fostering genocide in such out of the way places as East Timor). If you’re squeamish about ethnic cleansing, pest control might be more appealing to you. Instead of killing everyone in Chile, for example, you can kill that country’s chief executive, and install another Augusto Pinochet into power. Your Pinochet could then do the exterminating for you.

They say that nothing in this world has caused more heartache, devastation and bloodshed than religion. Maybe someone oughta extend that quote to include self-interested-to-hell-with-everyone-else spirituality.


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