Thursday, February 16, 2006

Horse's Head given by the Horse's A . . .

Raleigh News & Observer columnist Barry Saunders speculates that the shooting was a warning to Scooter Libby not to testify. Said Saunders, "If you believe it was just an accident that Vice President Dick Cheney shot his hunting companion last weekend, you obviously have never seen 'The Godfather' movies."

There is nothing obvious about Whittington's background to suggest that he might be regarded as disposable. But according to a Slate article, the protocols of good hunting were not followed (http://www.slate.com/id/2136206/), which is curious since hunters and other gunsmen tend to be anally safety-conscious.

A comment at the Nation website gives some information to corroborate Saunders. Apparently, "Harry Whittington" was Libby's Secret Service codename . According to an unnamed EMT worker at the scene, Cheney was concerned about leaks. If so, he had already made up his mind not to give out information at that time, and, if Saunders is correct, wanted to make it look a little suspicious to intimidate Libby further. (http://www.thenation.com/blogs/notion?bid=15&pid=59468 )

All extremely speculative, to be sure. But as Johnny's post ("Besides All That Mr. Whittington, How Was The Safari?") points out, the official version doesn't make sense, and is most likely false.


Blogger X. Dell said...

An addendum from the AP wire:

"Updated: 11:38 a.m. ET Feb. 17, 2006

"WASHINGTON - A former White House aide’s wide-ranging demand for classified intelligence documents to aid his defense in the CIA leak case would sabotage the case if granted, the prosecutor is charging.

"Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald suggested that lawyers for I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby were trying to torpedo the government’s case by pressing for the documents, including nearly a year’s worth of the Presidential Daily Brief, a summary of threats to the U.S. that the Bush administration has fiercely guarded in the past.

"In court papers filed late Thursday, Fitzgerald also asserted that granting such a request would damage national security and presidential executive privilege. He called it 'nothing short of breathtaking.'"

What if Libby's attempting to blackmail the White House with knowledge concerning 9/11? Why would the prosecutor object to this evidence, since he has presumably not seen it?

In other words, assuming Cheney would go so far as to shoot Whittington to silence Libby, would it then be unreasonable for Libby to try to gain some leverage against the administration?

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