Saturday, March 04, 2006

Biblioscopes for All Sun Signs 3/4 to 3/10

Advice for 3/4 to 3/10 for each Sun Sign, using The Staten Island Advance of 3/3, with all ads.

Quick Occupancy Home Available. VISIT TODAY! Move quickly, but look into offers deeply. Read all fine print.

Children's Cancer Please!!! [sic] Desperation can mangle your message. Take a deep breath, consider your words carefully before writing or speaking. Seeking the advice of a cool head may help.

Staten Island Film Festival presents..."The War Within". Think about presenting your own war within as art. You may be surprised at its reception.

Oral-B Advantage Artica Toothbrush or Vitalizer, Soft or Medium, with card MFR 2 for $6. You need a new toothbrush. Buy a nice one.

In the study, conducted by the new McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum in Chicago, some 1,000 U.S. adults were asked in a telephone survey to identify the five freedoms specified in the First Amendment to the Constitution. Less than 1% of those surveyed could name those freedoms. Brush up on your rights--criminals aren't the only ones who need to know them.

Recent studies nationwide have shown an increasing amount of rear-end collisions, thus causing more injuries to drivers and their passengers and, in turn, generating more money for doctors, lawyers, auto repair companiesand increased insurance rates--a vicious money-generating cycle. You own mistakes may be part of a greater conspiracy.

Picture perfect, sprawling, 9 room home, brand new cherry granite kitchen, spacious living/dining rooms, 4 bedrooms (lavish master, new bath) walk out lower level , new heated ingroung pool, stamp crete, beautiful tree-lined dead end street. Exclusive. You want it all, but do you need it all? Could you take care of it all? If you had it all, where would you put it?

Mix or match. Don't be afraid to try more than one, and keep your options open.

$1,000 shift. Masseuse for private gentlemen'c club. Don't lie to yourself. If someone gives you an unbelievable offer, you know what you'll end up massaging!

The well-established exception of peyote "fatally undermines" the government's position on the Brazilian tea leaves. Try to keep your rules even across the board, or you may lose ground in your position.

The incubation period is two to four days. So, let the idea brew for a few days--it will grow in new ways.

The urban design emphasizes transit-oriented development, encouraging a more pedestrian lifestyle. Your week may be sleek and modern, but somehow not racy. That's ok. You need a break.


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