Thursday, May 04, 2006

Did the U.S. teach the Mujahedin how to bomb us?

U.S. Special Forces experts would now provide high-tech explosives and teach state-of-the-art sabotage techniques, including the fabrication of ANFO (ammonium nitrate-fuel oil) car bombs, to Pakistani intelligence service (or ISI) officers under the command of Brigadier Mohammed Yousaf. These officers, in turn, would tutor thousands of Afghan and foreign mujahedin, including the future cadre of al-Qaeda, in scores of training camps financed by the Saudis. "Under ISI direction," Coll writes, "the mujahedin received training and malleable explosives to mount car-bomb and even camel-bomb attacks in Soviet-occupied cities, usually designed to kill Soviet soldiers and commanders. Casey endorsed these despite the qualms of some CIA career officers."

More here.

I guess we felt unstoppable when bombs were really big. So were cell phones, back then, as I recall. And computers.


Blogger X. Dell said...

If I'm not mistaken, one of the CIA case officers that got really angry about the training of the Mujahedin was Ralph McGehee, who's spoken publically about these events since his retirement from the agency.

11:35 AM  

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