Tuesday, May 02, 2006


The other morning, I was looking for hypno-wheel buttons for 23rd Mandalation--I want people to take more responsibility for their own mandalation-- when I signed up with this guy. I've been getting hypno-spammed by him 3x a day ever since.

Suki... You need to listen to the following VERY carefully.

Things are getting even more frantic now in the underworld.

My contact said the "Order of the Leaders" are meeting this evening to
discuss how to handle the leak of this insider information. If they
are meeting, than this is a serious issue.
This underground info might not be available much longer:


The groups found out that information on the "Mass Hypnosis" has been
put on the site. The same strategies those filthy rich T.V. evangelists
pay thousands to learn.

Read about that right here:


Unfortunately It looks like the average person will never know these
cryptic secrets of hypnosis. I hear these groups are working day and
night to keep this underground knowledge from you.

Find out all the answers you seek before it's to late:


Take Care,

Damon Foster

P.S. - Word on the street is that the Order of the Leaders know A LOT
of "high level" people. So it could be as simple as snapping a finger
for these groups to take out this site:


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Blogger X. Dell said...

This sounds like the Ron Popeil school of psyops. (How much would you pay for this secret hypnotizing power? $353? $100? You get our book, four hours of audio lectures a video. . . )

Suki, you get stranger spam than I.

9:25 AM  

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