Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Synchronistic Synchronicity

Let me tell you about an amazing coincidence/ synchronicity that happened to me, Johnny Drongo, last year.
On Wednesday, my kids and I watched the motion picture "Gone With the Wind." One of the characters is Ashley Wilkes. At one point, Rhett Butler refers to him as "that stupid Ashley." After that, whenever he would appear on the screen, the kids would yell "Stupid Ashley!"
Movie over, we go to bed. I have the new "New Yorker" magazine to read for a little pre-sleep relaxation, plus I turn on the radio. On the talk radio is a guy plugging his new book about coincidences and synchronicity. A little later, I see a cartoon in the magazine that depicts two headstones next to each other--on the left, the deceased's name is cleary seen as "Wilkes". The one on the right has an arrow pointing to the other one with the legend "I'm With Stupid."
Just to have the cartoon/movie connection is nice, but to have a guy in the background talking about coincidences makes it a bit more savory. And then, this:
On Sunday, taking the train back to NYC, I had a seat to myself from Syracuse to Albany. There, a woman gets on the train and sits in the empty seat next to me. She takes out and starts to read the same "New Yorker." Later, we get to chit-chatting and I ask her if she saw that cartoon and I tell my little coincidence story about it. Still later, when both back to reading, I notice her Amtrak ticket stub on her tray. The last name on it is "Wilks."
I think maybe she was too creeped out by the whole thing to tell me that her name was related to my story (minus an "e", though).
I love it when the universe observes us instead of the other way around.


Blogger X. Dell said...

Thematic recurrence happens all around it. It's only when we notice it that we think there is a link between it and the cosmos.

7:47 PM  

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