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The Loving Cup

According to legend, Merovech came to power because of something he possessed: the Sangreal (or Sangraal). The Sangreal is traditionally described as an extraterrestrial item which gave its holder unlimited power by rendering his or her enemies docile. As to what the Sangreal specifically functions as, or looks like, nobody knows for sure.

One can interpret the term as san (holy) greal (grail). Question: what the hell is a grail, holy or otherwise? Ostensibly, it’s a vessel that held the blood of Christ. Many logically concluded that it was the chalice Christ used during the Last Supper. (“Drink, for this is My blood.”) Others see it as the chalice Joseph of Arimathea used to collect Christ’s blood on the cross.The Loving Cup

Before He died and resurrected, however, Christ turned to a fisherman named Simon and said, “Simon, you’re a real peter [Greek for rock – as in bedrock – as in foundation], and upon this rock, I shall build my church.”

“Fine,” Simon probably thought. “What the #$@! is a church?”

The question is an important one. There was no precedent for such an institution, and the disciples were undoubtedly clueless as to what it could be. Christ’s background in arcana would make it quite possible that He wanted to create something that would disseminate His secret knowledge to all of mankind, perhaps something analogous to a present-day university or club. As the first Pope, however, Simon-Peter, who like Christ was Jewish, conceived of the church as a new-fangled synagogue – i.e., a house of worship.

The Church has historically demonstrated its authority through pompous display. Christians have beautiful cathedrals and picturesque chapels on hillsides. In the past, they’ve reserved the right to sell indulgences and call for Holy War. They had Christ’s hand-picked successor as its founder. They would someday have all the televangelists. In fact, the Church seemed to have all the tools necessary to establish its claim as Christ’s sole agent on Earth.

But there were others who would claim Christ’s legacy for themselves. What did the other side have to establish its authority?

The Holy Grail. An item of reputedly alien manufacture which by its very nature gave the holder almost unlimited power.

As I stated earlier, ‘Holy Grail’ is only one interpretation of the word ‘Sangreal’. You can also read the word as ‘sang (blood) real (royal)’. This would imply that the blood was important, not the chalice that held it. It would refer to anybody who carried the blood of Christ, who inherited His royal blood from King David. Thus the phrase could apply to His children, or even to His wife, St. Mary Magdalene.

The term is probably a play on words. These alternative Christians know that ‘Sangreal’ has multiple meanings. The Church and its believers, however, understood only one: the Holy Grail. This would explain why knights and kings loyal to Rome searched in earnest for a chalice. If they could take away the other side’s main instrument of power, then they could reign supreme on Earth.

The Church’s problem was that the Merovingians had the loving cup, and were loath to give it up.

How did they get the chalice? If you ask them, they’ll tell you they got it the same way they got their royal blood. They inherited it. You see, the Merovingians claimed to be the descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.


Blogger Enemy of the Republic said...

I enjoyed this post very much. I am fascinated by legends of the grail, and I despise what the Da Vinci Code did with it--so stupid. The grail has often been a muse for me, and not necessarily for the religious symbolism, but for the constant seeking unto death and despair.

10:35 AM  
Blogger Suki said...

The Holy Grail must've been in the U.S. till the '60's because we won all the wars till then.

What in the world did JFK do with it? And was Marilyn Monroe in on it? Is that why she's dead?


11:46 AM  
Blogger X. Dell said...

Thanks Enemy. Actually, the Da Vinci Code drew much of its version of the Grail legend on the heretical work of Henry Lincoln, Michael Bagient, and Richard Leigh's "Holy Blood, Holy Grail," although the authors delved far more into the Grail mythology than Brown did.

Bagient and Leigh, incidentally, are the authors who lost the suit against Brown a couple of weeks ago. Lincoln did not join in the suit.

There are some who believe that the Grail is at Area 51 (actually areas 35 and 36 of the Groom Lake Facility of Nellis Air Force Base), Suki.

The power derrived from the Grail is supposedly the right of whoever weilds it. Even if on US soil, however, that doesn't mean that the weilder is the American government.

That being said, did the weilder ever lose a war? Note: war is big business, and represents fantastic profits for such companies as Kellog, Brown and Root, Northrup, Lockheed, General Electric and so on. They've certainly never lost a war.

Besides, I have my own feelings about who murdered Monroe and why, and I'm saving them for a future post.

11:23 AM  

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