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From the site:
"Hello, let me introduce myself, my name is Gilles Trehin, I'm 28, I live in Cagnes sur Mer, near Nice, in south-east of France.
I'm told I have autism, some say I have Asperger's syndrome (it's very similar). Maybe it is the reason I have been drawing since the age of 5 and I have always been fascinated by big cities and aeroplanes.
In 1984, I started to be interested by the conception of an imaginary city called Urville. The name came from "Dumont d'Urville", a scientific base, in a French territory of the Antarctic. Since then, I made many (200) drawings of Urville, and I wrote a historical, geographical, cultural and economic description. I also have a book project, called "Urville Sightseeing Tour" that I'd love to publish. My greatest pleasure is to be invited to give a lecture on Urville because I can make it exist!"


Blogger X. Dell said...

Antarctica plays an important role in the line of conspiracy inquery championed over the years by the likes of Mae Brussell. On her radio show, she read excerpts from a number of US officials and military men (among them, Adm. Byrd) who pointed out the strategic importance of the continent and the lack of a US presence on it for a decade or two.

Since lot of cloak and dagger games are associated with the Antarctic, I find it curious that this young man dares to build an entire city there. I wonder if he actually has any investors.

The name of the city is interesting as well. The ancient city-state of Ur is alluded to all the time by academicians as a metaphor for the mysterious, but definitive origin of someplace: e.g., ur-text, ur-source, etc.

Another fascinating post.

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