Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Future History Through Motion Pictures

The site actually starts in the past, but I'm more interested in Sci-Fi Living:

2007 December 24: Jack Starks meets a grown-up Jackie, who tells him he's meant to be dead (The Jacket)
2008 July 4: Los Angeles - A major heatwave strikes as the city reaches the brink of social, economic and environmental disaster (Southland Tales)
Jason Voorhees is captured (Jason X)
2009 Gangster Christian sets about eliminating his rival gangs (24 Hours in London)
2010 Thunderbirds
Jason Voorhees' attempted execution - he escapes and is cryogenically frozen (Jason X)
Dr Heywood Floyd heads to Jupiter to discover The Discovery and reactivate HAL-9000
Humans create humanoid drone robots with artificial intelligence to fill jobs as construction workers and servants (The Matrix trilogy)
2011 99% of the Earth's population is taken out by a virus; the survivors are placed under the care of Dr Goodchild, who found a cure (Aeon Flux)
2012 Fairview Falls B-movie actor Peter Jacobs investigates the truth behind the Black Rose Killer, who killed his wife and son (Sins of the Father)
November 6: The United States elects a female president (Back To The Future Part II)
2013 The PostmanLos Angeles - Snake Plissken tries to escape (Escape From L.A.)
2015 The corrupt Houses of Parliament fall victim to a terrorist attack (V for Vendetta)
October 21: Chicago Cubs win World Series for the first time since 1908, and Marty, Jennifer and Doc arrive from 1985 (Back To The Future Part II)
2016 Escape From Mars
2017 The Running Man gameshow is set up (The Running Man)
Steel Harbor - Barbara Kopetski hunts some bounty, as the fascist American Congress brings the Second Civil War on itself (Barb Wire)
2018 John and Karen Brennick are imprisoned for attempting to have a second baby (Fortress)
2019 Ben Richards, Amber Mendez, William Laughlin and Harold Weiss must survive a TV
execution gauntlet/game show to win their freedom (The Running Man)
Humans are created as insurance for the rich, using their DNA (The Island)
Tokyo - A boy in a motorcycle gang receives corrupt power from an ultimate source called Akira, amid rioting turmoil (Akira)
November: Blade Runner
2020 Dragons invade London (Reign of Fire)

and a lot more, course.


Blogger X. Dell said...

That's a pretty addictive site.
But I doubt the Cubs will take the Series anytime before Captain Kirk's birthday.

On second thought, they'll screw that up, and the curse will go on into the Picard years.

5:22 PM  

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