Saturday, March 11, 2006

Grays' Anatomy Lesson

Betty and Barney Hill didn’t feel that the gray aliens were hostile. In fact, they found them to be somewhat amusing. Betty related how the six-footer came next to her examination table, asked her to open her mouth, then tried to pull out her teeth. She asked what it was doing, and it replied, “This must represent a gender difference.”

“What represents a gender difference?” she asked.

“Apparently, the male teeth come out. The female teeth are attached.”

Betty laughed, then casually explained the concept of ‘dentures’.

In another instance, the grays approached her with a long needle aimed at her navel. Naturally, she tried to get away, but she was temporarily paralyzed. The six-foot gray said that it shouldn’t hurt, and that they were testing for pregnancy and fertility. Of course, when they stuck her, it hurt like hell, and she screamed. The head gray immediately manipulated some nerve endings in her feet, and the pain stopped.

Betty and Barney Hill’s story is one of the most difficult alien abduction accounts to dismiss out of hand. Yet, I’m forced to wonder how these grays know so much about the human nervous system, but nothing about false teeth.


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