Friday, March 10, 2006

Mysterious Lights in Sky May Signal Earthquakes

For years, people have been reporting strange lights in the sky and eerie radio signals days and hours before earthquakes. And now scientific researchers are starting to monitor these links to see if there is a direct correlation--perhaps some earthquakes and other phenomena can be predicted, and lives may be saved.

One cause of these mysterious lights and sounds may be solar flares, sunspots (which may hide solar hurricanes) and other solar weather. Yes, even though the sun is more than 93 million miles away, we seem to be under its weather too. Changes on the sun's surface can cause new solar particles to be exposed, and emit large amounts of electromagnetic energy in Earth's direction--causing disruption or distortion (and even damage) to satellites, radio signals, and finally strange lights in the sky, including the aurora borealis.

But those are only the changes we notice. Solar flares can also cause changes to our atmosphere, heating the air, and making it "swell," and also adding ozone. Does this pressure also cause earthquakes? Only time will tell. Unfortunately, astronomers seem to think that the sun's next 11-year sun spot cycle will be especially violent--so we may know more about this sooner than we want to.

Sources: CSA Mysterious Objects
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Blogger X. Dell said...

I was wondering if some of those strange lights might be earthlights.

Microscopic shifts in the Earth's tectonic plates sometimes produce lights in the sky, a phenomenon often mistaken for UFO activity.

11:56 AM  

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