Friday, March 10, 2006

Kofi Annan Linked to Freemasonry and Voodoo

Interesting article at RINF:
"The Secretary General of The United Nations appears to in fact be leading the United Necromancers or United Nepotism if one counts his son Kojo’s involvement with the Oil-for-fraud corruption. This article will attempt to delineate for the reader the occult background surrounding Kofi Annan , a man at times described as the “Secular Pope” but whose religious beliefs are largely a mystery."


Blogger X. Dell said...

Only lately have Michael Richards (Cosmo Kramer) and other notables publicly declared their membership in the Freemasons. Usually, that's regarded as a private affair. So the article could very be correct. Kofi Annan could very well be a Freemason.

What I find interesting here is that the article is simply an attack on the Secretary General and his family, perhaps partially true, perhaps not. Because of the Bush regime's (unsuccessfully applied) pressure against him to garner international support for the US invasion of Iraq, and the fact that the CIA and MI6 were caught bugging his office, I'm wondering if there is a PSYOPS campaign against Annan.

Incidentally, occult ties to the UN go back to the organization's inception. If you go to the UN's website (www.un.org) and type the phrase "Lucis Trust" in the search engine, you'll find that the UN lists the group as having general consultative status. (You can also go directly to the page at http://www.un.org/documents/ecosoc/docs/1997/e1997-inf4.htm). The LT also has other relationships with the UN that I have yet to determine.

The Lucis Trust, founded by Alice Baily as the Lucifer Trust in 1920, has pretty much been the source of what we call today the 'new-age' philosophy. Nowadays, the group likes to distance itself with its satanic past and focuses on crystals, the Aquarian age and so forth. But fishing through its webpage (www.lucistrust.org) will yield a number of contemporary examples of elite occultism and how it works within the walls of power.

Think triangles.

11:13 AM  
Blogger Johnny said...

The Lucis Trust used to have a lending library in a building at the ass-end of Wall St. I went there a couple of times on lunch hour several years ago, and you are right, it was so New Agey I thought Ramtha was gonna drop in.

11:47 AM  
Blogger X. Dell said...

'Ass-end' of Wall Street? Presumably near 120 (WBAI studios)?

Next time I'm there I'll look out for the bookstore.

You don't perchance listen to "Back of the Book," do you?

12:59 PM  
Blogger Johnny said...

they were in the same building (120). So, that's where I heard that phrase, i guess, on that radio show which I know I haven't heard in at least 10 years. My god, I'm an unconcious plagiarist!

4:19 PM  

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