Friday, February 24, 2006

TrashSquatch! The Hunt For Staten Island's Bigfoot

Well, I figured since the word "monsters" appears above in the list after this site's name, we better do some reporting on same. Here's an excellent couple-year old article from the New York Press about the Staten Island yeti. Who woulda thunk it? From the article:

"I’d surprised one of the creatures in my camp, and it went crashing through the woods with such violence that it sounded as if someone were driving a box truck through the forest. I ran in pursuit, but after about 200 feet of stumbling through unfamiliar forest, I gave up. It was far too fast, and I’m a little too old to catch up. And catch up to what anyway? My death? What was I going to do if I caught up with the thing?"

Uhh, I dunno, maybe take a picture?!?


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