Friday, February 24, 2006

Shuttle Disaster a Warning From G-d?

Well, these people seem to think so.
"What G-d is saying is: The break-up of the Columbia over Palestine, Texas, is a call to the leaders of America, Israel and the world to repent for their intention to divide up Israel, as well as reconsider waging a war in the Middle East that is out of G-d's timing and grace. It is an an “in your face” warning from G-d that the fallout and “debris” from such intent to divide His land will result in the breaking up of America (Columbia refers to America)."
"Significantly, the Columbia shuttle disaster occurred over the President’s home state, Texas, and the first reports aired over the major TV news channels linked it with the Texas town called Palestine!"

Lots of high strangeness at the site.


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