Friday, February 10, 2006

The Occult Olympics

Being that the spectacle of the 2006 Winter Games begins with the opening ceremony tonight, I thought I'd share some of the occult ("hidden") aspects of the games.

  • From the Cutting Edge radio program: Winter Olympics 2002 -- Worship of Mother Earth Goddess Gaia With Anti-Christ Symbolism Prominent "We believe the very fact that blatant Black Magick Symbolism of their Antichrist is so boldly displayed at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games is another strong indication that the appearance of Antichrist is very, very close at hand."
  • From C.A.R.E.: The Pagan Roots of the Olympic Games "Have you noticed the recent occult nature of the opening and closing ceremonies? Have you ever taken notice of the different rituals--the flame, the torch and its relay, the flag, the motto, the oath, the medals, the new mascot, Izzy--and wondered what they all mean? Believe me, it is not all innocent entertainment. Can you remember how Mohammed Ali ascended the stage with the torch and finally was able to light the flame? Read on, and I think you will agree that we have been unknowingly deceived into celebrating and worshipping a Greek god. And since 1960 television has made it available to the whole world."
  • From Frontline Fellowship: The Original Olympics "Those who think that the present Olympic Games have nothing to do with the mythological paganism of Ancient Greece should consider the present day Olympic anthem: "Ancient Immortal Spirit, chaste Father of all that is Beauty, Grandeur and Truth descending appear with thy presence, illumin thy earth and the heavens. Shine upon noble endeavours wrought at the games, on track and in the field…to thine Temple, to thine worship, come all. O Ancient Eternal Spirit!"

Oh man, does this mean Michelle Kwan is an Illuminist witch? Say it ain't so!


Blogger r____tl_____t said...

The Pagan Roots of the Olympic Games

Wow...can you say, "Duh"?

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