Thursday, March 23, 2006

UFO Sitings, Mapped.

Here is a map of UFO sitings pre-1940. I've been looking at other maps, and found that the number of sitings increased with population density. I don't find that suspicious, except that none of the people who saw these things were ever on the news. I mean, if there were UFO's flying over NYC, wouldn't everyone have seen them?

More UFO maps here.


Blogger X. Dell said...

Perhaps people did see them in New York. Problem was that contemporary tabloid journalism would have reported on the incident, and they weren't all that reliable (they often were like the "Weekly World News," but without a sense of humor--they perpetrated hoaxes all the time).

Pre-1940 sitings did, however, effect entire towns. A 1897 incident, in which an "airship" crashed in Aurora, TX, was covered by many state papers at the time. The gray alien pilot was apparently killed, and the citizens of Aurora decided to give it a Christian burial. The grave is still there, and you can see a photo of it in Jim Marr's book "Alien Agenda."

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