Wednesday, March 22, 2006

More in the News

The Supreme Court voted 8-0 to disallow large class-action suits against financial companies for giving fraudulent stock ratings, a decision that eases the woes of upper-echelon Enron, World Com and Merrill Lynch brass.

The Court cited a 1995 law that a Republican-controlled Congress muscled past a presidential veto. Then touted as part of the "Contract for America," supporters praised the new law as protection of "deep pocket defendants" against "frivolous" and "nuisance" suits.This decision would force individual investors to file suit separately, and incur the burden of legal expenses. Not surprisingly, many people left destitute by corporate dishonesty cannot afford to sue for redress.

Debra Lafave, the twenty-five-year-old Tampa schoolteacher accused of giving private lessons to a fourteen-year-old student, was spared a criminal record after Florida Assistant State Attorney Richard Ridgeway withdrew all charges against her.

I generally keep an eye on stuff like this because issues surrounding pedophilia run rampant throughout conspiracy theory--especially in a place like Florida, in a case that makes national headlines, and where the accused’s plea deal is rejected so that the Attorney General's office can drop charges against her.

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