Monday, March 20, 2006

Watergate Plane Crash

Last night I watched a brief portion of a show about Flight 800, the probably intentionally downed jet that exploded in the air off Long Island. I got to thinking about airplane sabotage, and what's come to be known as the Watergate Plane Crash specifically, which also has been linked to the JFK murder. You can read about that in this article, as well as other alleged sabotages, such as that of Bill Clinton's commerce secretary Ron Brown. He reportedly was going to rat on the Clintons for their involvement in a crooked gas pipeline deal.

"Because onboard were 12 Watergate figures, including Dorothy Hunt, wife of E. Howard Hunt, the Watergate burglar. The twelve were among those that died in the crash, although there is reason to believe Mrs. Hunt was murdered by the FBI on the ground. Toxicology reports showed she had a higher level of cyanide in her body than she could have gotten from the airplane fire. As referred to later in secret FBI reports, Mrs. Hunt bought a second First Class seat on which she kept a suitcase with two million dollars in negotiable instruments. Her husband reportedly had blackmailed Nixon with inside CIA knowledge of Nixon's role in arranging and carrying out the murder of JFK. In the celebrated Watergate tapes, Nixon uses the code phrase "Bay of Pigs" when he was actually referring to the Dallas "hit."

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Blogger X. Dell said...

I've been reading Sherm Skolnick for years now. He makes a lot of interesting observations, and sometimes they're true.

I've also read many a story about Mrs. Hunt's death, including the fact that there were high levels of cyanide in her system. I've always wondered how much cyanide gas after a plane crash is normal.

Bet Doc-T could tell us.

Haldeman, actually, was the aide who stated that Nixon used the phrase "Bay of Pigs" as a code for the JFK assassination. There's a strong hint that Nixon's suspicions were confirmed when Hunt joined his staff two months before the break-in, even though he believed that the CIA was involved in Kennedy's death almost immediately (he was in Dallas at the time representing Pepsi Cola).

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