Thursday, March 16, 2006

Don't Try This Anywhere 2: Other People Are Not Your Zombies

If you are a practical soul at all, you will sometimes think that if other people just did what you wanted them to do, then your world would be a better place. It’s a simple one plus one equation. If so-and-so fell in love with you or your boss gave you a raise, you’d be a lot happier, right?

This was what I thought when I was a young teen, and there were plenty of spell books around with hocus pocus that’d make people do stuff. Some of it doesn’t even seeeem like black magick. Now, you can say that I didn’t do the spells right, or whatever, but the fact remains that the spell that involved drinking water that I used to make a 26-year-old college student/ co-worker at the discount retail store fall in love with me did nothing to him. It just made me thirsty every time I saw him. Thankfully, it only lasted a day. I went home and did a banishing spell.

I was more successful with Chris the Gang member/Cook. He was really starting to dig me. I forget what that spell involved, however, it did have the side effect of making him crazy with anger, and finally threaten the lives of my dad and me. Chris wasn’t that well hinged in the first place, but I do think that the force pushed him over the edge.

Others’ souls really don’t like it when you try to cage them in any way—even forcing someone’s will for their own good is an act of subjugation—and a backlash will result. Just like when you try to force someone to do anything in daily life.

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