Friday, February 10, 2006

Create Your Own Cult.

As a victim of brainwashing and later a student of the self-help movement and finally a student of cult books and belief systems, I have found some keys to successfully creating a cult following. I will outline them here. Some of the books/writers I am thinking of are Aleister Crowley, P.D. Ouspensky, Gurdjieff, L Ron Hubbard, Rob't Anton Wilson, "Reaching a Higher Consciousness," and Martin Luther King (not that he's a freak or hoax or anything, but he was a Master).

Why create a cult? Maybe to make some money, or maybe, like me, you just never bought what they were selling and you think whatever you come up with is just as good, or at least more relevant than whatever they came up with in the desert, or wherever.

It helps to write a book when you are creating a cult. If not just for yourself, to outline all of your thoughts--and keep them all straight when you go out and evangelize--but it also gives you something to sell, and after you leave, hopefully, it will do more evangelizing for you.

The first thing you must do in your book is to provide truisms that everyone agrees to be true, only with different words. This will give the people reading the feeling that you are wise, and they will start to believe everything you say. Then you have to note something that can't be explained--that no one can explain. Like why there are so many fat, unhealthy, unhappy people these days, when the gov't is promoting low fat foods and everyone has way cooler tv sets than their grandparents did.

Add some undeniable historical facts that you can use/twist to hold up your theory.

That is when you introduce the evil to prey on the fears of your readership, or the force of good that is going to save everyone. You may want to introduce both.

The next part of the process, to get the people who are not "getting you" or to get the people who just don't want to feel dumb, is to say that they are not interested because of some defect: the people who are not into your scheme are (choose one or more, make up your own): not awake, not truly alive, are not smart enough, live in a fishbowl-reality, are lost people, are not psychic enough,

You may want to make up a few of your own words to make it seem like your ideas truly are your own, that they are something really different or wise.

A great trick is to start talking about belief systems and reality. No one can live without a belief system. Even a non-belief system is still a belief system. So a great way to get people to weaken their own belief system and get into your own, is to tell them, in the middle of your tale, while they are entranced with your words, is that their belief system is really a cage (yes, they all are, but all we can do is switch from one to another) and while they realize that truism, they weaken their belief system-cage and jump to your belief system-cage.

Numerology is always pretty good, too. With numerology, it is pretty easy to find significance: there's only ten single digits if you count zero-and you can keep adding subtracting multiplying and dividing numbers together until they say what you want. There are also a number (ha) of numerology systems from all over the world. They can also make your ideas seem more mystical.

It will help if you can get someone famous, or semi-famous, or just the coolest guy at the bar or school or whatever to say that he believes whatever you say. But if you don't, that's okay, now that there's the internet. You can get as preachy as you want online.

Use this knowledge only for good.

Yours from the Ever Watchful Eye.


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