Monday, March 20, 2006

The Death Sentence - An Invitation

The Death Sentence - Another one of those topics we the people can never quite seem to agree on.

The issue has always seemed relatively simple to me, however, as i have said before, the beliefe that one has nothing left to learn, is the end of wisdom.

First of all, so that you'll know, here is my opinion on the matter.

In a case where there is no doubt as to guilt, I quite simply have no problem with the death sentence being handed down and carried out. Notice that I am not calling it 'captial punishment.' I do not see it as a form of punishement. For serial killers, felons guilty of using a gun during a crime, rapist's, I really not all that interested in:

- Punishing the guilty
- Reforming the guilty
- being humane to the guilty

I am interested in protecting the innocent. I am interested in keeping the murderer, rapiste, felon, from attacking again. I see the death sentence as the only way to ensure with absolute certainty that the guilty will not attack again.

It is %100 effective. No other method of protecting society from the guilty is %100 effective.

- a dead murderer cannot murder again.
- a dead rapist cannot rape again.

It is the CHEAPEST method of protecting society.

- a dead murderer requires no room, food, clothes, or guards.

- 11 years ago, the cost of keeping a prisoner in a maximum security prison here in the U.S. was $80,000 a year. I would rather spend the money elsewhere.

I know there are some major flaws in the system.

- is there a way to be %100 certain the convicted is guilty.

- is justice blind with she can be bought?

- Will the death sentence be handed out equally to all races and both sexes? Not likely.

Sooo, why am i blogging about this? I try hard to all sides of an issue. I try... I'm not always successful but I try. So what I'd like to do, is ask people who are reading this, who are opposed to the death sentence, to share their opinions. Tell me why the death sentence is wrong. I have talked to people about it. For the life of me I can't wrap my mind around a reason to oppose the death sentence.

it ussually comes to a point where I am being told that the death sentence:

- Does not stop crime.

It stops the offender from repeating the offense. I see consideration of any other crimes or criminals irrelevant.

- Is inhumane. Note, inhumane is defined as lacking pity, compassion, or kindness.

Murder lacks pity.
Murder lacks compassion.
Murder lacks kindness.

it's important to remember when a rapist is sodomizing your daughter or wife or son, he probably is NOT showing pity, compassion, or kindness.

Also, I'm not interested in showing pity, compassion, or kindness. I'm interested in keeping the offender from offending again. I think it's humane to protect the innocent. I think it's inhumane to fail to protect the innocent.

- Killing the guilty only pusnishes those who love that person.

I'm not interested in punishment. I'm interested in keeping the offender from repeating the offense. I believe the murderer harmed those who loved him the moment he murdered.

- Killing the guilty makes us no better than them...

I don't see it... but okay... I still want to make sure that society is safe.

By the way, if you believe this particular argument, i beg you, explain it to me. I REALLY want to understand what it means. I honestly don't see it. I don't understand what it means to be "no bettter" than them.

- The death sentence devalues society.

The term 'WHAT?' comes to mind. I have NO idea what that means... help me.

I not only welcome, i'd appreciate your opinons. I'm hoping that everyone can share them without being insulting... Good luck. And remember, Life is like a paper clip.


Blogger X. Dell said...

One of the major problems with the application of the death penalty is that it will be applied only in the cases where there is some doubt.

Cases where there is virtually no doubt are plea bargained to life, or life without possibility of parole.

The recent case of the Aryan Brotherhood gang killings is a perfect example (http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/c/a/2006/03/14/MNGDOHNPOE1.DTL). Everyone knows they were guilty in the systematic murder of 32 fellow inmates. Yet, prosecution will not seek the death penalty.

The criminal court system, like many of our institutions, is a bureaucracy. And, like most bureaucracies, it makes mistakes.

I have to admit too that I'm completely sold on the idea that once a person has taken a life, then he or she will continue to do so, even under similar conditions. That would depend on so many other factors (if they are ever freed, if social support structures endorsed the killing or did not condemn it, the nature of the killing, the weapon used, etc.)

9:50 AM  
Blogger X. Dell said...

Oops, that should read--"I am NOT completely sold on the idea. . . "

9:52 AM  

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